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Ça fait un moment que je suis présent ici, mais au cas où ça intéresser quelqu'un :)

I'm on this instance since a while, but if anyone is interested :)

Boost appreciated / appréciés ^^

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Let's introduce myself for all new people joining Fediverse !

A Frenchie Programming, Japan and Game Design enthusiast. Actually learning Japanese and Drawing. Sometimes trying to be funny (SOMETIMES)... And I don't know what to say next... So I'll say instead...


Feel free to pass by and chill 😊

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Tiens, je ne vous ai pas encore présenté Pink ! Le héro de mon premier jeu ^_^

At least do the maximum today, 'cause there a lot of stuff to see :p

Today's schedule: finish the Chili's C++ Beginner series so I can get right up to the next part ;)

Vous avez des ressources à conseiller pour débuter seul à la #guitare ? Rien d'exceptionnel, juste envie de m'amuser un peu, mais j'ai pas non plus envie de prendre de mauvaises habitudes ^^ Juste de quoi commencer à jouer une peu de #musique rapidement

I was thinking about use only Mastodon for both Personnal and Blog stuff and use Twitter only for Blog posts. That means many people would only see my blog posts because they probably won't wanna sign up on an instance...
I can relate, but believe me there's a lot of good stuff here and it's easier to fight harrasment and toxicity.

Thanks to Mastodon 3.0 ! I could import the followers of my old Mastodon account to this one. So welcome back :D

Let's retry IFTTT to post an article on both the blue bird, Mastodon and Facebook. Just hope it'll work this time.

Headache, please go away, I don't want you anymore :(

any #Ubuntu peeps know how to resolve this?
(disclaimer: I can't guarantee I'll try any solutions because we're installing Arch or Manjaro or Nix to make sure this doesn't happen again)

friend deleted LibreOffice and installed OpenOffice
they couldn't run it due to a "missing" (but not really)
I tried to help them, but couldn't so tried to remove OO and reinstall LO
some OO package somehow remained and /usr/bin/soffice conflicts with that
now we can't remove nor install any LO or OO packages

- Order a book
- Be happy
- Discover that you entered your old adress
- Be sad

Kickstarter annonce officiellement qu'ils combattront l'installation des syndicats chez eux par tous les moyens qu'ils peuvent, légaux et illégaux, et invitent les projets qui ne sont pas contents à se barrer de leur plateforme.

TikTok ajoute dans ses règles de modération que tout contenu pro-LGBT sera banni.

Allez hop poubelle, next

C'est après 3 (?) ans d'abonnement premium à Gamekult que je regarde Retro Dash. Et c'est trop bien :O

I still feel a bit of tension, but this is completely normal. Being relaxed when your constantly stressed out takes time, but it's not impossible.

I feel a little bit more relaxed. I'll take some time each day to do it more often, I really need to take care of myself more.

I'll try meditation when I get back home today. This is something I was unwilling about, but now it can really be helpful.

One of my next big purchase would be this little toy. But I need to save a little bit more before thinking about buy it sadly.

Did someones knows how can I make my Laptop battery not last just 30 minutes on Ubuntu ? 😞

Got this nice cardigan today :3

(Sorry btw ,I don't know how to take good pictures :p)

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