Fellow gamedev people !

I would like to learn the basics of 3D rendering, so what would you recommend to begin with ?

My goal for now is only to display a simple shape, language independent by the way :D

I've began the drawabox course to learn to draw this week. My shoulder will hate me for a moment I guess X_X

Let's have a look at what I've on this week in my journey:
- Made a FPS character move, jump and shoot
- I have bullets, grenades and rockets with particles effects
- Some weapons aren't working yet, like the shotgun

A big cleanup would be nice. But I'm very proud of what I made ;)

Fellow @godotengine users, I need your help ! I'm looking for a 3D level editor similar to Trenchbroom (or any FPS/3D Game) but optimized for Godot. If you have something, you'll help me a lot ;)

Bisous ❤️

Next step in my FPS Prototype: teleport the player. Not that easy but at least it's working well, and I'm pretty proud of it !

I should add some particles effect when the player get to the target point, maybe add an sound effect and especially set the player's orientation to the target one.

I don't know if I'll do it now. But the main part is done.

Ça fait un moment que je suis présent ici, mais au cas où ça intéresser quelqu'un :)

I'm on this instance since a while, but if anyone is interested :)

Boost appreciated / appréciés ^^


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