⚠️ SCAM ALERT! ⚠️ There are ads on Google that link to a fake version of OBS with malware. Only download OBS from our official site,, and never click any ads claiming to be OBS.


@abid @HakenTrigger Once Google had an ad for #GoogleSupport on the front page which led to a #scam and one of my colleagues provided it to costumer as they had to reach google to resolve a technical issue!

Needless to say costumer got scammed 200$ and we had to deal with the consequences!

@notaleman @abid Sadly it's not new because the ads goes to the ones who can pay them, and Alphabet doesn't do the right checks. Like many others.

@HakenTrigger Wild how people still download software from websites and then install on their computers...the Linux way of repos is far better in all regards.

@tio Except Linux isn't the good place to go for streaming games, because it stays less user-friendly and game aren't always playable on it. I agree the repository way is great, but not the solution in my opinion.

@HakenTrigger Linux is more user friendly than Windows for sure. Yes it depends what distro you use, but nowadays most are like that. idk about playing games since I do not, but I've heard Steam is making it much easier. I run a Linux distro called TROMjaro ( and I made it in a way that even my parents use it, and they are in their 60s.

@HakenTrigger This is not the first time something like that happened. Users of a cryptocurrency wallet have already fallen for that kind of scam:

I remember reading about something similar for Signal, where ads redirected users to a phishing website with compromised download links, but I can't find the source anymore.

@dreeg It happens often, but like each time it's good to try to tell vulnerable people to always double-check.

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