Hey, folks!

Thanks to @singingwolfboy, you can now choose how to crosspost CW'ed posts over to twitter.

The default is what the option from before, only the CW plus a link, but now you can also add the content or only add the content.

The choice is over at the advanced options crossposter.masto.donte.com.br

As usual, let me know if you run into problems!

-- @renatolond


@crossposter @renatolond Next step: add an option to not crosspost CWs. But it still interesting, and good to see that the tool is still maintained!

Thank you! MTC is very useful, for me. o/

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@TritTriton If you choose "content only" it will crosspost only the toot content, no CW

@renatolond I was talking about not crosspost CWs toots at all (as with direct mentions).
I guess it’s doable with the words exclusion list.

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