New release for #prismedia !

The v0.9.0 brings some new features to manage your NFOs and your schedules better.

Beside that the main change is prismedia now uses #poetry for packaging (and is now more pythonic structured 😂 )

It means some manipulations to upgrade for those already using prismedia, see the CHANGELOG

Ideally, in the future prismedia will be available as a pip package 🙏

(I need to dig a little about how to publish and how to ensure the package is signed to avoid someone publishing bad code ^^)

Thanks a lot to @Zykino and @rigelk for their work, advices and tests on this release 😘 💪 👏


I didn't do anything for this release (just old ideas you implemented) congrats to you for the hard work !

Ideas, descriptions, and help concerning Windows are all noticeable parts of the work 😋

Hope you'll love this release ! ;-)


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