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7. De Profundis by Lemon., Oxygene and The Deadliners
(Amiga OCS/ECS*)

* Original Amiga 500 with 1MB of RAM, 68000 7Mhz
This demo runs from two floppy disks.

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6. Coda by Abyss
(Amiga OCS/ECS*, 64kB intro)

* Original Amiga 500 with 1MB of RAM, 68000 7Mhz

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2. MySQL Raytracer by Holtsetio

It's a single MySQL statement that generates a raytraced scene and outputs it in a bmp file.

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1. Eon by The Black Lotus
(Amiga OCS/ECS*)

* Original Amiga 500 with 1MB of RAM, 68000 7Mhz
This demo runs from two floppy disks.

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that looks really cool!
I wonder if everything was done on the #Amiga, or if things like digitising of photos (which I assume was used?) was done on more powerful machines?

@FiXato I'm not sure it's digitized photos, it looks more like graphics done on PC then converted back on Amiga.

Big Amiga demogroups use full PC toolsets with their own emulators to develop demos.

Here's a blog post about the music, which was also a challenge because of RAM restrictions:

@FiXato @fenarinarsa Time for the other part of Eon's tech: the TBL tech blog (I assume this was about Eon, because, um, well for some reason the threading is off in brutaldon, likely because "Truck replies a lot"

#Eon yes :) Looks like I have some reading to do! Thanks :)

@Truck Oh. I didn't know about this peertube instance. I'm actually copying a thread I did on Twitter. Took me some time to make... It's actually the Pouet Top 10. The links are those that can be found on pouet or demozoo.

Let me check if I can make it 100% fediverse for the last posts

@fenarinarsa We can (:

I have post access to the instance (:

and I am 100% sure the guys would love to have that possible.

If this is pouet's list, we'll do demozoo's list later (I'll have to bug Menace and see, and if he doesn't have one, Gasman can cook one up somehow (:
Gasman voiced support for when we get the thing running , so we'll have a connection to demozoo from the instance. I just have to get it running.

(Which means I have to fix things, and the first thing I have to fix is my stress level and health. )

@Truck I put the link for Eon but strangely the preview doesn't show on ly Mastodon instance.

And the video is not 50p it seems.

@Truck Oh okay the preview is okay now. It takes one or two minutes to show.

@fenarinarsa It may be that the capture that was used wasn't. This is somewhat of a first run at it, and no one is doing dedicated captures (yet (: )

And yeah, sometimes federation links are slow. I've noted that with other things. But also, other links can sometimes be slow too (:

Ok - so - I probably should make a list, upload the best captures I can find, and then... give you links (:

@Truck In the meantime I'll check for videos on this instance each time I post something demo-related :)

The video for "latecomer" (final version):

@fenarinarsa Downloading it now.

I should ask before I put it up - but I do assume you wouldn't mind if I did - but - to be sure.

You don't mind if I put that on and a link to your fediverse profile?


Unlisted until you say it's ok to publish (:
Can put more info in (like it needs a mockingboard, or the demozoo... I'll add the demozoo link (: )

@Truck just add Ā«Ā Apple IIe Enhanced or IIc with MockingboardĀ Ā» and thatā€™s a full and complete GO
I prefer demozoo over pouet links actually šŸ‘

@fenarinarsa You may be interested in this version:

(Because it' s using peertube.
Also: got a recording of your Apple ][ demo? I'd be happy to put it up on that peertube instance, until I get my peertube instance launched.)

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