Here's my selection of the best 2010-2019 releases.

Of course there are many, many other demos that are as good or better, depending on your tastes. It was often hard to make a choice because I wanted to make only one choice per platform.

Feel free to add your own favorites at the end of the thread!

Let's begin


2010-2019 selection

Amiga AGA 68060
Rift by The Black Lotus

Also available on Atari Falcon 060 with better audio.

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2010-2019 selection

8088 MPH by Hornet, CRTC & Desire

Runs on original 8088 IBM PCs with CGA video card!

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2010-2019 selection

Sony PlayStation 2
Cruisin 3 by Abyss

(PS2 with composite video plugged on an oscilloscope)

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2010-2019 selection

SEGA Mega Drive
Overdrive 2 by Titan

This demo uses undocumented debug features of the console.

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