The Union Demo: Beat Dis
1989, Atari ST
music by Bomb the Bass

high rate sample replay on all 3 channels

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Cuddly Demos: Main Menu (Live)

music by Jochen Hippel (Mad Max)
Performed live by ACC:Xess, Karlskoga symfoniorkester, Kulturskolans Ungdomssinfonietta and Karlskoga Paradorkester

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An Cool on Atari STE
1989, Atari STE

PCM 12kHz sampled stereo sound

In 1989, Atari released the STE, which adds a stereo PCM DMA channel next to the . Both can play at the same time.

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Life's a Bitch: Beat Nick
1990, Atari ST
music by Jochen Hippel (Mad Max)

3 channels with sampled digi drums

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