Je sais pas si j'avais posté les photos du recap de mon Atari STE de toujours (celui que j'ai acheté en 1990...), avec le kit d'Exxos.

Bilan : ça marche/10

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@Truck @fenarinarsa I ownder if anyone made a smaller one of that btw…

@mmu_man @fenarinarsa I don't believe so, but I know Markko did start work on another.

It is (obviously (: ) open source so you COULD theoretically attempt to build it in a different form factor.

I've found it's not that big of an issue, but then, I also haven't used mine enough. Working on that... now! (:

@Truck @fenarinarsa
well it's in case I want to integrate one in some ORIC extension.
But yeah I know I can route my own board if needed.
OpenSource r0x0r!

@mmu_man @fenarinarsa HMMM... ORIC.

Tell me more.

Are you using Dbug's toolkit? I've talked to him about using it on non-Windows but he's quite Windows-bound (being as he's, you know, working in a company doing Windows games and all that (: )

I also haven't seen him lately due to stupid Covid ):

(My Oric was given to me by a deceased friend, you likely remember Twilighte ...)

@Truck @fenarinarsa I saw him some time ago, he did some visio for his 50th birthday.

He also passed by on Friday at the M68K meetup:

Ah yes Twilighte, he did very nice things on the platform…

My idea was to collate as many extensions as possible in a better form factor, to try and reduce the number of cables, because, well… you know, cables.

@Truck @fenarinarsa

I think it's possible to design something that would allow add-in cards and integrate more stuff. Some already did Telestrat compatible extensions, so I can build from that.

As for the SDK, I already ported it to Linux long ago but didn't finish up to the point where I can have an easy install or even package it.

@mmu_man @fenarinarsa I had not, I have ... skimmed it now, I have it in a tab while I clean more of the "piles of things" and put them into 'places I can USE them' (:

@Truck @mmu_man That's really cool. Never had an Oric but my neighbour and friend had an Atmos at the time.
Great memories playing L'Aigle d'Or on it. Not so great memories of the loading times though :p
A few years later I brought an Amiga to show him State of the Art, he stopped computing to become a radio host but was baffled :)

@fenarinarsa @Truck yeah, tape loading…
And it didn't have a disk controller onboard so drives were very expensive, almost nobody had them, and the many models (official Microdisk, Jasmin / Jasmin 2, Cumana…) weren't compatible with each other.

@mmu_man @fenarinarsa The Microdisk controller RAM thing that Dbug told me about still baffles me (:

(Something about how it can't be accessed if the device isn't plugged in, but it's part of the ORIC itself. Just _odd_ (: )

@Truck @fenarinarsa the RAM overlay yes, well it probably was cheaper to have 64kB than 24kB (less chips), and they knew they'd need a place to store the DOS anyway.

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