I'm currently trying my best to install ClassicWB 3.1 on a CF card for my Amiga 1200 but using WinUAE nothing shows up in HDToolbox when I want to format the card.

That's the second tutorial I try, none seems to cover this issue, any idea?

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Okay found it after 1h30 of trying everything
WinUAE does not setup an IDE ID by default

What is this shit

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@fenarinarsa That is WinUAE being WinUAE.

FAIRLY sure if it set up an IDE HD by default, it would overwrite something in Windows for at least 50% of the users, who don't know how to computer. So it probably doesn't do that to save a billion complaints that it destroyed the HD, or that it is a virus.

That said, I don't use it, I use fs-uae. But I also don't use Windows (:

And yes, _all_ the freaking tutorials are for winuae, you can basically not even find one for real hardware anymore.

@Truck I actually succeeded in partitioning the CF card on my real A1200 with the exact same adater and my old USB HxC floppy emulator. Now I'm trying to find how to format the partitions.

3h spent on it so far :p you can tell AmigaOS is not really user friendly by today's standards.

(to be fair I never really used AmigaOS)

@fenarinarsa It was never ... really set up for hard drives.

Most of the tools are missing... incredibly important things.

And most of the early tools were vendor specific. Not OS specific, you'd have the driver and the hardware and the tools provided by the vendor... GVP basically was the big one in the states, and ... there were some issues with it's hardware...

in other news we discussed your French Touch demos with some US sceners on the Demosplash stream/irc (:

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