It took me 4h to reinstall AmigaOS, it's not easy at all when you never used that OS before (tutorials always assume that you know all the Workbench's paradigms). But it works!


I tried something and couldn't help myself to finish it šŸ˜©
Not my best score but I actually only wanted to make a CAPTURE TEST

Unfortunately the Amiga seems to output 49.something Hz and my video capture card doesn't accept that šŸ˜¢ (while it happily eats non-standard >50Hz signals from my Apple II and Atari STs).

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If anyone here knows a working capture setup for the Amiga using an OSSC, I'm interested (my Avermadia U3 doesn't accept the Amiga's vertical sync).

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@fenarinarsa Franky isn't using an OSSC, but... mine just... works?

Of course, it did need an upgrade to the firmware. Because we reported some bugs in it for some demos, and Markko patched the OSSC firmware to understand those things happening.

What is yours doing?

@Truck The OSSC works just fine, the photos I take is from an HDMI monitor that happen to take any non-standard signal, and I used my OSSC to play.

My issue is more on the capture side, the Avermedia U3 doesn't recognize the 49.xxHz sync.

I'm going to check the OSSC updates, that's a good idea.

@fenarinarsa that....sounds....right.

The c64 doesn't output exact PAL or NTSC signals either. It gets 'close enough' so the TV's of the day would display something.

Tramiel was a cheap SOB. (Which is why various fabrication places in Pennsylvania became superfund sites, I was reminded yesterday on the chat for demosplash)

@Truck Actually all those computers output a progressive signal, which is not standard PAL or NTSC by any way. Those video standards must follow the strict sync values, number of lines and are interlaced (the Amiga does it when in interlaced mode, hence the success of its genlock feature in the broadcast world).

@Truck What's happening in progressive mode, is that the computer sends only the first half of the interlaced picture, so instead of having 50i you get 50p. But there's a half-line that's not completed in that case, so the resulting vertical sync is not standard.

It works because the CRT monitors/TV have a tolerance for non-standard syncs.

@fenarinarsa Hmm. I'll ping Jope and see if he knows... as it, well, hmm.

Which firmware do you have on your OSSC?

(I actually need to check all 3 of mine and get them all on the same firmware... I should do that today. After I. Um. Finish moving things into places so I can use them. The Amiga is one of these things. I go... do that while there still is a bit of light (which is ... 15 minutes more, I think...) and not ... be here behind the computer

@Truck Damn, 0.81a... the current firmware is 0.88.

First things first, so update it is.

Unfortunately the update process needs a JTAG programmer šŸ˜©

@fenarinarsa it... does? Ok that's going to ... why does it need that? I don't remember that... crap. I do NOT have one.

@fenarinarsa Ah, is that what it is? I'm fairly sure it also has something to do with "being cheap (: " But I'm not a broadcast person, I started studying that but then fell out of it due to... having to work (: Oh and alchohol (:

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