Hologon by The Electronic Knights

This new Amiga 500 demo fits in the "How the fuck is that possible" category.

It was released offline two months ago, only by mail-swap on floppy disk. So yes, it also fits on a single floppy disk. šŸ™ƒ


@fenarinarsa it's not just that:

it runs on A500, _and up._ Certain configs have timing issues; it detects them and flashes red or orange when that happens; then attempts to fix it.
_IN THE END SCROLLER_ it details this situation.

i.e. it LOGS issues and REPORTS THEM.

it is a trackmo. Meaning it uses the disk directly without using the OS. BUT. It has an OS "partition" (I don't know what it is doing I haven't examined the disk structure yet) and it contains a readme, readme.info (for when you load it with workbench loaded, you can see an icon and read it) and a program that verifies the integrity of the disk.

this is a freaking engineering marvel along with being one hell of a demo. I started watching on youtube. I am not finishing on youtube, this is going on a floppage and into my A500. _today._

@Truck @fenarinarsa

The German Demo-Scene has always been full of great programmers doing intensely chewy programming.

youtube.com/watch?v=mHNZpGMtK6 is a live-run of a 48Kb demo running on modern-day ( for 2010 ) graphics cards.

And this came 2nd. in the competition... :D

@BillySmith @fenarinarsa This may be a bit... "Truck gets anal about something very close to his heart."
But. Here goes.
The Demoscene is _global._ I can point you to Mexican demosceners and their releases; last year had a most excellent party in Argentina (Flash Party) and Tokyo Demofest did something last weekend (as did Molvania, but that wasn't real ... it was done by Portugese sceners (: )
Also it's not hyphenated (:

You should _totally_ check out Fenarinarsa's Apple ][ Demo from revision ... 3 years ago? I hope it wasn't 3 years ago but ... sadly time flies ):

Having said that: Thanks! It's awesome to see that one again; 2011 had Human Traffic (Blueberry (Dane) and various Poles) and Shake off the Dust (Elude (Poles) and Massive (Skarla; Frenchmen and a Frenchman living in Quebec (: ) AND THE LAQUERER (video but oh my so good)
(Farfar's portrait of me. Before beard. (: )

Join us for Revision this year?

@BillySmith @fenarinarsa

Here's Fenarinarsa's demo:

Also Revision signup:


I have heard of some... things coming up (which of course may not get completed in time) but you'll want to see it (:

Please join us, despite my being very "SOMEONE IS WRONG ON THE INTERNET" (:

@Truck @BillySmith It's been nearly two years.
I still need to find motivation to finish another one. It won't be ready for this Revision sadly.

@fenarinarsa @Truck

No problem.

The audience will still be there when you are happy with your work. :D

I've got one melody that i've been trying to get right for ~30 years, and it'll be done when the result fits with the original inspiration. :D

@BillySmith @Truck Yup and part of the issue is that we need to find a musician ;) I strongly think that as soon as we get a good tune everything is going to fall in place.


@BillySmith @Truck I like a lot what mmcm is doing with joyful tunes like those

Actually i like a lot the ZX Spectrum music scene, which I find better than the Atari ST one. There are also technical considerations to take into account (file size, effects, AY replay frequency, how fast we can load/unpack effects).

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@fenarinarsa @Truck

Nice sounds. :D

Also, started having a dig through your YT channel.

There's a couple of musicians/physical-theatre-performer's that i met at London Hackspace, and they were doing live ChipTune gigs in East London. :D

If you give a shout on the mailing list, they'd be interested in chatting with you about your work. Very similar vibe. :D

groups.google.com/g/london-hac :D

@BillySmith @fenarinarsa hey cool. I'll send a note to various folks in the UK Allstars (:

I'll bet ne7 is aware at least, maybe involved already (:

@Truck @fenarinarsa

It was one of the members of the London Hackspace that pointed me to the Subdream video.

He said that he knew some of the people taking part in the competition, and thought that i might appreciate that one. :D

Partially because of the fractals, but also from some of the discussions about the fractal nature of how materials are used in evolved systems. :D

Chewy conversations. :D

@Truck @fenarinarsa

We had been talking about In-Fill systems for 3d-printing, and how the printed parts could be optimised for specific force directions. :D

@BillySmith @fenarinarsa Hmm, now to figure out who it was (:

I was in London (well, Slough) 6 years earlier and we had "pubmeets" regularly, that's how the UK Allstars got started (:

tube.connect.cafe/watch?v=MjOS was one thing that came out of it (:

@fenarinarsa @BillySmith also (and yes I caught the replies in reverse order because I just was reading the stuff in my mentions, which are reversed order) I can ping the Russian speccy telegram group for musicians if you like.

That said, Gasman would be involved with both and he's more involved directly than I am, so - maybe I'll just ping the UK Allstars somehow and we see how that shakes out - and if the speccy folks need pinged I ping them later (:

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