I will now watch Hardwired. A lot.

And Voyage.

And ignore Odyssee.

And watch the other releases.

@k It's long and boring and not Hardwired or Voyage or Global Trash or even "Oh Crikey What A Shit" (:


@k @Truck
tbh I never understood what Amiga users found in Odyssey 😅 .
And to be fair nearly all TP91 releases are very good.

But all Amiga demos looked more or less the same (3D 3D 3D shadebobs 3D) and Hardwired brought this "videoclip" feeling with a bit of a story, a beginning, and end with credits and at half the demo it breaks the "Amiga demo template" and unrolls effects in a whole new way.

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@k @Truck @k @Truck I'm thinking of streaming all the releases, maybe on Friday night? But I need to check them all on my Amigas... I don't have a 500 but a 500+ and a 1200 so I don't know if they will run at all.

@fenarinarsa @Truck fairly sure there’re WHDLoad versions of all of them, for the 1200

@k Yeah that's what I need to check. And the demo's contents too, I don't want Twitch to strike my channel :p

(else I can also stream on Peertube, already done this, after 80+ viewers the P2P sharing between viewers works amazingly well)

@k @fenarinarsa Please, I'm using Lubricator and writing to floppies (:

(Ok, to a USB stick via Gotek, but still: the Amiga writes to a _floppy_ - it doesn't care what is on the other end (:


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@k @Truck Also it's worth noting that Silents released Global Trash, Global Trash 2 and Hardwired in 8 months 🙃

@fenarinarsa @k check in on what's going on for the party this weekend ( demoparty.net/fieldfx/silveste ) to avoid, you know. The audience being not there (:

And maybe talk to folks watching that for an appropriate time? Like, um, Aldroid, who I... um yes @aldroid may be the correct person (:

@ aldroid @ fenarinarsa @ k wait. TODAY? cripes
well that's not going to be horribly great with my work bits but ok yes I'll be there somehow (:

ok no that's just the 'get your releases in' deadline. Good. I can deal with this (:

@Truck oh yeah, it kicks off on new year’s eve sorry for the confusion! Youve got until midnight tonight to make prods though

@aldroid God I forgot New Year's Eve anyway XD I need some more time to prepare it properly anyway.

@fenarinarsa @k Yes. There was SO much more in both Hardwired and Voyage than previous things. And 3d demo, that was not the typical demo either, and ... it was basically a "before" and "after" thing. People started looking at doing MORE after these.

Props to the groundbreakers (:

@Truck @k not sure either but there's another TP91 release with shadebobs. I think it was an effect included in Deluxe Paint, I remember my friend doing special pixel effects with it.

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