Okay Mastodon team, I have an issue.

I checked my follow/follower lists and I had pages filled of accounts that did not exist anymore, including:
- domain names not found
- domain names lost/transferred to spam sites
- down servers
- abandoned servers with incorrect TLS certificates

I removed them MANUALLY.
I'm a user, I'm not supposed to do that kind of should-be-automated purge.

cc @Gargron

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It probably mean your admin instance did not run maintenance jobs such as `tootctl accounts cull`.


@benoit @fenarinarsa @Gargron

Hello, I'm the friendly admin.

I actually did that account cull last week-end.

@AxelTerizaki @fenarinarsa @Gargron you may need to manually purge domains from the result of the cull "unable to join these instances". Personally I do it with some Bash.

@benoit @fenarinarsa @Gargron Thanks for the script, I'm going to run that even if basically I was running just that (except purging the unreachable domains).

I wish this was already included in Mastodon though. Lots of admin/mod things are pretty hard to do easily (or were, like removing several accounts at once. Fortunately they fixed that recently.)

@AxelTerizaki @fenarinarsa @Gargron run it in dry run just to be sure, and double check what it will do.

It's kinda a feature as Mastodon is not able to determine if an un-joinable instance is really down or not (temporary). Hence my script adding more logic to the cleaning.

@benoit @AxelTerizaki @Gargron maybe a real feature should keep track of how many checks failed and remove the instance after a predefined time of number of failed checks. And/or resets the counter if the instance sends any activitypub message.

@fenarinarsa @AxelTerizaki @Gargron that's basically what I do in my script, but yes, should be somehow implemented officially.

Time to open a feature request. (I thought I did but no...).

@fenarinarsa @Gargron tools exist to clean your account. Just look in settings in your web interface. Also, can't remember the name, but there is an interactive CLI tool to do advanced cleaning.

@dragnucs @Gargron I guess the CLI tools are for instance admins only (which I'm not).
I can't find any tool that checks for deleted/unreached account in the user GUI. I can only filter "dormant" accounts which... does not give dormant accounts only.
For example, newly added accounts that haven't posted yet are considered "dormant".

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