As a member of French touch, I must now code a mandatory never-seen Apple 2 effect every month

(just kidding, it's not mandatory, I do it for fun)

À vendre sur le groupe fb Apple II France pour 250€ en Côte d'Or, fonctionnel, ROM 255

HL:Alyx quel jeu, putain.

J'ai l'habitude de la VR, pourtant je suis resté un bon moment à admirer le panorama du début avec la mâchoire par terre. Et ce n'est que le début.

Il enterre tout ce qui existait avant en VR et devient de fait la référence pour les années à venir.

With improved hardware compatibility check during boot time.

The boot sequence now takes 2 sectors, but who cares, the floppy disk is 80% empty.

Also the fastload routs are loaded by the boot ROM.

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Trackloader version of Latecomer, thanks to Grouik/French Touch's tools and routines.

Now loads in 7s on my Apple II

(instead of 21s for the ProDOS version)

In Latecomer, Made took advantage of the two different greys provided by those RGB cards. If you watch it on an NTSC Apple II (or on any A2 emulator), one shade is missing because Grey1 & Grey2 are the same. And the gamma on other colors is incorrect.

Download =>

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So it looks like the RGB cards sold in France in the 1970/80s for Apple II don't follow the "official" NTSC colors.

Specifically Magenta & GREY1/2.

1. Le Chat Mauve Eve RGB card for Apple IIe
2. Le Chat Mauve official Apple RGB adapter for Apple IIc
3. Emulated RGB (AppleWin)

‪Sexy Cosplay Doll vol.2 : toujours aussi bien ❤️‬

When French Touch and I search why the AY ZX Spectrum conversion doesn't work correctly for Apple 2

Suis-je le seul à trouver que est un peu bizarre ?

En plus y'a des incohérences dans le scénario... certains trucs sont pas réalistes.

Tiens ça y est ils ont mis des gens compétents au design des écrans d’information de la Ligne 14

La fin de   est juste parfaite 😭

C’est devenu rare que des séries arrivent à se terminer d’aussi belle façon sans jouer une seule seconde la carte du suspens, vu que tout était plié depuis l’épisode précédent.

Vraiment magnifique.

But then the interrupt running the sync code *must* either start at the exact same location for each frame, or do some sort of resync to be sure there's no jitter.

We talked about this with Grouik, and he found a very elegant way to do it, by reading the timer counter and then resyncing the code each time the interrupt starts.

So while the effects may look not that impressive, they ask for a lot of work on Apple II :)

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In Mad Effect #3, Grouik starts by detecting when the IIe exits VBLANK by polling the appropriate address, and then waiting for the appropriate sync point.

(on Apple IIe, end of VBLANK means you enter the first HBL of the display)

Then it syncs a looping timer with the start of the display, and put the sync code in the interrupt handler.

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His demos work on Apple IIe because :

- There's 64k of RAM. That means you can change the interrupt vector, located at address 0xFFFE.

- You can know when the display enters or exits VBL.

- You can add a Mockingboard soundcard, which adds timers to the Apple II (which has none). And so you can use timed interrupts.

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