Rewrote my FYM player for Apple II.

I put it on github last week and found out that the code was really crap (two days ago I just started to do 6502 code).

-25% CPU time 😈

Les modes vidéo chelous de l'Apple II

Petites recherches avec Grouik/FT sur quelques "modes" d'affichage peu connus de cette machine... qui sont plus souvent des effets collatéraux de son architecture.

Le tout saupoudré de modes DHGR.

I finally put the source of Bad Apple for Atari STE on github. The original archive didn't contain any build instructions 😅



Excellente interview de Raphaël Gesqua, compositeur de cinéma et de jeux vidéo (Flashback, Mr Nutz, Fade to Black... récemment Toki).

aka "Audiomonster" dans la Amiga des années 1990 (avec des images d'archive ❤️)

Cette démo est un palindrome : jouez-là à l'endroit ou à l'envers, vous obtiendrez la même chose... y compris la musique.

⚠️ CW épilepsie - elle contient de nombreux effets stroboscopiques.

Je l'utilisais pour tester la résilience des codecs vidéo !

As a member of French touch, I must now code a mandatory never-seen Apple 2 effect every month

(just kidding, it's not mandatory, I do it for fun)

Great basic effects live coding on PICO-8 by Jori Kemppi!

Good explanations and clear code :)

5:00 Starfield
21:00 Plasma
30:00 Twister
54:00 3D Cube

With improved hardware compatibility check during boot time.

The boot sequence now takes 2 sectors, but who cares, the floppy disk is 80% empty.

Also the fastload routs are loaded by the boot ROM.

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Trackloader version of Latecomer, thanks to Grouik/French Touch's tools and routines.

Now loads in 7s on my Apple II

(instead of 21s for the ProDOS version)

In Latecomer, Made took advantage of the two different greys provided by those RGB cards. If you watch it on an NTSC Apple II (or on any A2 emulator), one shade is missing because Grey1 & Grey2 are the same. And the gamma on other colors is incorrect.

Download =>

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So it looks like the RGB cards sold in France in the 1970/80s for Apple II don't follow the "official" NTSC colors.

Specifically Magenta & GREY1/2.

1. Le Chat Mauve Eve RGB card for Apple IIe
2. Le Chat Mauve official Apple RGB adapter for Apple IIc
3. Emulated RGB (AppleWin)

When French Touch and I search why the AY ZX Spectrum conversion doesn't work correctly for Apple 2

Life's a Bitch: Beat Nick
1990, Atari ST
music by Jochen Hippel (Mad Max)

3 channels with sampled digi drums

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Cuddly Demos: Main Menu (Live)

music by Jochen Hippel (Mad Max)
Performed live by ACC:Xess, Karlskoga symfoniorkester, Kulturskolans Ungdomssinfonietta and Karlskoga Paradorkester

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