This is what is called sync-code. The code runs in sync with the display and changes hardware switches at precise location of the display.

The instructions in red are the buffer switches, taking place during HBL. Every two lines of code run in exactly one scanline time.

Between them, in green, the code updates the framebuffers' content for the effect to move.

‪It’s time for your weekly dose of ‬

‪beta by Still‬
‪Windows, 2011‬

‪ ‬



2010-2019 selection

Ceasefire (all falls down..) by Carillon, Cyberiad & Fairlight

2010-2019 selection

Windows, 64kB
Offscreen Colonies by Conspiracy

Also available in VR on Steam and Oculus!

2010-2019 selection

SEGA Mega Drive
Overdrive 2 by Titan

This demo uses undocumented debug features of the console.

2010-2019 selection

Sony PlayStation 2
Cruisin 3 by Abyss

(PS2 with composite video plugged on an oscilloscope)

2010-2019 selection

8088 MPH by Hornet, CRTC & Desire

Runs on original 8088 IBM PCs with CGA video card!

2010-2019 selection

Nintendo Game Boy Color
It Came from Planet Zilog by Phantasy

2010-2019 selection

Atari VCS 2600
Chiphead by Altair

A remix of the PC demo "Ziphead"

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