I'm currently working on a demo framework and I'm trying to optimize things... so far not bad.

2 seconds for load & unpack 28kB of data on Apple II (6502 1Mhz).

This is the actual floppy disk speed. Most data is packed in LZ4.

I need to benchmark my lz4 unpacker by I think it's faster than all the already available ones.


Lance, the author of the infamous 50kHz Atari STE mod player, wrote about his Amiga Paula software emulation and how he shrinked the CPU load from 160% to ~30%, making 50kHz audio usable in Atari STE productions.

First use: talktalk (1993)

Story ➑️

A journey into 68000 optimization.

I made a 6502-compatible version of my demo Latecomer (the original version was made for 65C02) so now it works on any Apple IIe/IIc with a Mockingboard soundcard and 128k of RAM.

Trackload version included!


Download + source code (GPLv3)
▢️ fenarinarsa.com/latecomer

On April 1st, 2011, stunned viewers of the French TV channel Nolife discovered that the channel's daily show "101%" had been hacked by Razor 1911.

Yes, it was shown this way on TV, with the starting black screen simulating a broadcast crash :)

It was shown in three different versions (this is the second one with the fake NSFW review).

The intro also gave a "cracked" code that granted access to the whole replay service (Nolife Online) during one full day.


Here's The Party poll reposted because it seems people discovered it a bit late and I can't extend the previous one :)

Which of these demos released at The Party 1991, 30 years ago, do you like most?

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There's actually videos of The Party available on the net.

It's in 3 parts, here's the first one. It ends with Global Trash II in live! Enjoy.



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Odyssey placed 1st and Hardwired 2nd at the demo compo, that month of December 1991.

Now, 30 years later, which one do you prefer?



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Here's two more demos released at The Party so that you can see a bit more what the Amiga demoscene looked like in 1991.

Voyage by Razor 1911 is 30 years old today.



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Odyssey by Alcatraz is 30 years old today.

This is a HUGE demo: 5 floppy disks and a running time of 34 minutes for the "main part", which is actually a full story taking place in space. So it's more like a movie!

It was considered by many Amiga users as the best demo ever back then. It also showed that the Amiga could tell long stories in 3D.

1991 is also the year Another World was released, so telling stories was all the rage!



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Hardwired by Crionics & The Silents is 30 years old today.

It took the best of the existing Amiga and stream-loaded 20 effects from floppy disk, packaged with perfect transitions, video/audio sync, amazing graphics and music.

Hardwired is a major turning point of the demoscene. Any big demo released after this one couldn't do without good design, transitions and music/effects sync.



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Global Trash II by The Silents is 30 years old today.

This is the first "video-demo" ever, built with broadcast tools (Quantel Paintbox, video mixers, broadcast VCRs and SGI, I guess). It was released on VHS.

It's the "sequel" to Global Trash, released 8 months before on Amiga.

Later, a category was created for videos and anything that don't fit in regular demo competitions: the Wild competition!

So this is actually the first "Wild"...



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The Party was organized by local demo groups: Anarchy, Crystal and The Silents. It was a 99% Amiga party and all major Amiga groups turned up.

During 3 days 1200 sceners gathered (1000 were expected). Most came with their computer & CRT screens!

As you can guess, there was a lot of demos released, and while there was an incredible amount of release each year back then, 3 demos are landmarks in the whole .

If you were an Amiga user, you know at least two of them...


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Exactly 30 years ago, a huge demoparty took place for the first time in Aars, Denmark:
The Party!

And... it became legendary in the history. (thread)


I just released the first VGA demo on Atari Mega STE at 2K21!

VGA cards are standard extensions on the Mega series.

Music by dDamage, gfx by Zone


Download & source code: fenarinarsa.com/?p=1747

The video capture is a bit glitchy because of the capture card. Elgato cards doesn't seem to like 60.15Hz videos :p

Coding on the original hardware with original software... no proper copy/paste, no versioning, and if you misuse a pointer, it crashes and you must reboot everything.

A good motivation to install my CosmosEx with network drives :D (at last)

Freshly recapped IIc running Oldskool Fort et Vert by French Touch
(IIe+IIc compatible version)

Color is working, it was not easy to make the file still playable on STE, the first version was far too big for the loading to be fast enough.

I reduced the audio to 25kHz, and tweaked the color palette for the background to be mostly in 2 bitplanes.
Still looks like crap in some parts, more color tuning is needed and maybe even rasters.

[Warning ]


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