@Truck XD All documentation and manuals in English here mirrors.apple2.org.za/Apple%20

If you need any help, feel free to ask.

Unfortunately you won't be able to run our prods, the II+ lacks the Vsync flag and the double resolution modes :( also I don't think the Mockingboard/megaAudio would be useful on a II+.

But it will give you access to most of the Apple2 8-bits software library anyway (and 100% of pre-1983 software)





@Truck Oh by the way if you're still looking for a soundcard for your Apple II (I think you've got one?), the MegaAudio is a good choice

Our future release targets IIe with 128k+Mockingboard (or MegaAudio), or IIc+Mockingboard4c

And only PAL models, because reasons

But I don't think we'll release anything before next year anyway.

@Truck All I know is that he asked for a value estimation and followed the answers.

It may also be someone who needs to empty a house of a deceased family member, etc.

As a member of French touch, I must now code a mandatory never-seen Apple 2 effect every month

(just kidding, it's not mandatory, I do it for fun)

Whoa, so if I'm understanding this right, it looks like (fairly) cheap textured 3D is soon going to be a thing



@Truck He's been trying to sell it for some days, I guess he needs the money... or he may be moving soon

ƀ vendre sur le groupe fb Apple II France pour 250ā‚¬ en CĆ“te d'Or, fonctionnel, ROM 255

HL:Alyx quel jeu, putain.

J'ai l'habitude de la VR, pourtant je suis restĆ© un bon moment Ć  admirer le panorama du dĆ©but avec la mĆ¢choire par terre. Et ce n'est que le dĆ©but.

Il enterre tout ce qui existait avant en VR et devient de fait la rƩfƩrence pour les annƩes Ơ venir.

@mmu_man @usul @_Adoru_ et de base il a repris un projet vieux de plus de 20 ans :p

@mmu_man @usul @_Adoru_ N'hƩsitez pas Ơ contacter le dev principal qui est ouvert Ơ tout mais n'a qu'un temps limitƩ Ơ consacrer Ơ son Ʃmulateur

@usul @mmu_man @_Adoru_ Ƨa dƩpend de ce que vous voulez
Si c'est juste pour faire tourner les jeux y'en a plein... par exemple je pense Ć  jace, en java... Mame marche bien aussi mais il est chiant Ć  configurer.

Par contre pour les dƩmos le plus complet c'est AppleWin malheureusement (GPL2)

Great basic effects live coding on PICO-8 by Jori Kemppi!

Good explanations and clear code :)

5:00 Starfield
21:00 Plasma
30:00 Twister
54:00 3D Cube


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