Très belle modélisation d'un Atari 1040STF.
Le modèle 3D est téléchargeable gratuitement pendant 14 jours (lien dans la description !)

@Truck @striker Renting CPU resources for video compression is the most expensive so no real good alternative for poor people :(

@Truck @striker I actually have the same issue than Revision with Twitch. My wife do reviews of NSFW mangas and go banned once from Twitch because she shared the URL to a legal publisher's website.
So I'm looking for alternatives (~300 viewers).

@Truck @striker also you need a kind of backend to host player and stats/tracking (a lot of people need view stats), and for the chat. Unless you use a discord or IRC bridge - Twitch initially used an IRC backend.

@Truck @striker one thing that makes it cheap is that the video recompression is made on a PC at home, so you only need to rent fast proxies or S3 storage for a limited time, not computing resources.

@Truck @striker then you can upload/sync the various HLS fragments to an http server with multiple proxies, or to an S3 service.
then there's the front player to make and chat.
If someone succeeds in packaging all this, you get an easily scalable and cheap stream platform.

@Truck @striker It's actually not THAT complex to create a stream service. Someone told me here that the easier/cheaper way is to stream with OBS to NDI plugin (local video stream), then run a ffmpeg to recompresse the NDI stream into HLS with multiple quality.

11/12 for the FT entry
Good it was not there to win, only to release and be part of !

More to come, but it needs a lot more of hard work :)

@totetmatt Indeed, you can put your own stream solution and deploy proxies manually. It's possible.
However it looks like homemade streaming

@mmu_man If I understood well you have your onw instance that can stream, helped with other instances, and maybe clients that do P2P between them?
I don't call that "having control" over the infrastructure.
There's too many unknown things that could go wrong.

That's sad because I think there's a huge empty room here for a FOSS project that could provide a streaming infrastructure with or without cloud automated deployment/scaling, and integrated chat.

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With the stream "issues" that Revision had this week-end, we again talked of stream alternatives to Twitch/YT. I mean alternatives that works more or less out of the box. So far we found none.

I don't think Peertube is the answer for 20+ viewers streams. You can't control your streaming infrastructure with Peertube.
You may be able to stream to 2000 people or to 50, you just don't have any control over that.

@striker ps has a "how to demoscene in 14 days" thing:

I might suggest getting tic-80 as it's fun to pick up and work with; and the small sizecoded things from lovebyte (2 weeks ago) are fun to start with and learn a few things.

That said:
Source code doesn't really help. It's the ideas behind it - "how do I get a shape on the screen" "how do I get sound out of the speaker" "How do I raymarch"

and of course for someone like me with practically no math schooling:

"What the heck is a matrix and what does dot product mean what are these greek things" followed by "oooh if you use sin like this you get this, I wonder why"

- I'm a bit tired I will answer better when I'm less "Revision is awesome! My brain is very!"

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