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If the blitter was made available in 1987 for every STF, it would have been litteraly a game changer for the ST. A lot of games would have been optimized for the blitter with a fallback routine for older machines.

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Of course the Amiga comparison is not here to say that one computer is better than the other, but only to show that the ST blitter was way underrated during "just" 33 years.

The ST blitter was released in 1987 with the Atari Mega ST and every ST revision since then included a placeholder for the blitter socket. The TOS 1.02 of the STF supports it. But the actual chip was not provided by default in low-end STs until 1989, with the STE.

(picture : STF motherboard)

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Last blitter record on Atari STE : 23 sprites of 32x32, 4 bitplanes. At the same 320x200 resolution and with help from the CPU, the Amiga blitter can display 24 sprites.

When pushing the display area to 320x256 (with overscan on STE),the STE should stay at 23, while the Amiga slows down to 22.

However in any case the Amiga can also add two 32x32 hardware sprites.

This was achieved by optimizing the blitter calls and masking on STE.

Someone just broke the previous known blitter record on Atari ST with a workaround for a technical limitation (the ST blitter has 2 RAM sources while the Amiga blitter can use 3).

22x4 bitplanes BOBs in 50fps

Animage from 1985 has a feature on US-commissioned Japanese animation, prime example being Thundercats. The phenomenal opening sequence, animated by Masayuki (Macross Plus, Evangelion) used 1500 cels for 70 seconds. Typically, a 21min episode of anime would use 3000.

Si jamais vous connaissez quelqu'un qui ne sait pas quoi faire d'un Atari TT 030, je peux le dƩbarrasser.

(je tente ma chance, sur un malentendu...)

Dans l'opening de Video Girl Ai (1992), l'animation en 24p a Ć©tĆ© montĆ©e en vidĆ©o NTSC en ajoutant tout un tas de FX en 60i (bruit vidĆ©o, dĆ©formations...). Logique, vu que l'hĆ©roĆÆne sort d'une VHS...

Mais du coup le rip en 24p, c'est NON šŸ˜”

Un peu plus de dĆ©tail sur le support GUI de WSL2 dans Windows. Pour lancer une appli graphique Linux, Windows lance un serveur Wayland puis se connecte dessus en RDP pour rĆ©cupĆ©rer les fenĆŖtres. Le rĆ©sultat est bluffant.

Windows va devenir le meilleur DE de Linux et je pense quā€™il va y avoir beaucoup beaucoup de sel

("Le WSL 2 de Windows 10 supportera l'accƩlƩration GPU, les interfaces graphiques Linux")

Rewrote my FYM player for Apple II.

I put it on github last week and found out that the code was really crap (two days ago I just started to do 6502 code).

-25% CPU time šŸ˜ˆ

She-ra S5 spoilers 

"Stevenson admits that [the] big moment almost didn't make it into the finale, even though she always saw it as integral to the story:

"I had been wanting to do that since season one, and wasn't sure how much of that I was going to be able to have in the show," she said."

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