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Replay de ma prĆ©sentation Ć  lā€™A2FF sur comment jouer de la chiptune avec une Mockingboard sur Apple II

How to play chiptune on Apple II, original English version here:

New experimental build of AppleWin with extended debug features.

Now you can monitor any given text/graphic page in addition to the regular cycle-accurate emulator output!



Real-time monitoring of multiple graphic pages in AppleWin.
(Video renderer refactored into a C++ class)

Top-left: CRT final render
Bottom-right: Working HIRES page

25 years ago, Sony was about to launch the PlayStation worldwide.

Here's a pre-launch video. So typical of the 1990s, I love it.

Aaand... it really looks like SGI graphics šŸ˜ˆ

Actually transcoded it now so it's small enough, because it's too good not to share imo :P

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We started to add some experimental features to the amazing debugger bundled in AppleWin!

Starting with realtime disassembly and live memory heatmap.


macOS switches to ARM. In two years all Macs will be based on Apple SOCs only.

It may be the start of a new era for desktop computing with ARM-based motherboards.

Meanwhile, Microsoft:

Y'a quelques Atari STE Ć  50~100ā‚¬ en bon Ć©tat en ce moment sur lbc, un prix vraiment intĆ©ressant pour cette machine.

(RAM extensible Ć  1/2/4Mo avec des barrettes SIMMs, contrairement aux STF)

I've just learned that a device to dump LaserDiscs exists.

Not by recording the video, but the RF signal output, directly from the laser head (LD is an analog media by essence).

Then you can extract the video, audio and potential data in software.

It's completely exciting to know that there's now a way to preserve very rare discs!

Domesday device (RF dumper)


Macron : Il faut tout remettre en question
Les Ʃconomistes : Il faut rƩtablir l'ISF
Macron : Non


Macron 2019 : J'organise un grand dƩbat national
Macron 2020 : J'organise une grande consultation

Excellent live hier de @assomo5 oĆ¹ @jfdelnero prĆ©sente Pauline, le nouveau dumper surpuissant et libre.

J'ai appris qu'on pouvait bousiller des vieilles disquettes juste en les relisant Ć  cause des moisissures qui envahissent la surface :O

Replay :

Il y a actuellement un lot super intƩressant de 7 Atari ST sur lbc, dont 3 Mega STE.

ƀ ce prix-lĆ , et si le gars fait pas monter les enchĆØres en privĆ©, c'est trĆØs intĆ©ressant. Si j'Ć©tais dans le coin je pense que je me dĆ©brouillerais pour acheter le lot, quitte Ć  revendre ensuite Ć  prix coĆ»tant les machines Ć  des gens de la scĆØne Atari.

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