Hi all! Now I'm gotten into a sorta of secretive group called "Scions". Their rewards are great! Did also participate in a big scale war against bad guys and done infiltration tasks to disable their tricky machinery! An gear look is better ;P @

Hi again! Remember when I were talking of jobs in middle of nowhere? Well, that has improved! Now I'm being sent to what I call it... Snowland! Snow, snow, and... more snow! Locals call it Coerthas anyway.

Learning more healing arts awarded me with a nice looking robe^^ Not that I must be too much vary of what I dress, but... 😀

Hi all! The beginner mercenary here! The Guild gave me a lot of things to do, taking me to the middle of nowhere... ah, the hard job of being a mercenary...

The Adv.Guild gave me a public linkshell to talk with people. It works with “/tell Lynn Moechan@Twintania” they said. If you want a (newbie) mercenary learning healing arts (or just want some chat) try that anytime, if message goes ‘thru I’ll answer!

Hi all! First post here yay ^_^ !
I just entered Gridania, and the Adventurer Guild already got me to be busy OMG so demanding!!! But if I want be a real mercenary I cannot refuse, after all these tasks are paid well, so no reason to refuse AHAH.


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