I'm watching the first season of index after friends recommanded me toaru.
(It's really bad, there is a few enjoyable episode but it feel like a chore).

@enigmatico You're description is still pointing to your old account (as your main one)

[INDEX] Je comprends mieux pourquoi les sisters sont si broken que ça elles sont en html #lolducode

Anime Fansubs

People die if shinu are killed. (Translator note: shinu means plan) Download Crossing Void – Global now to get an S-character for free! 💎iOS/Android: https:/...


Do you use a website like MAL/Anilist/Kitsu to manage your #anime watchlist?

Yesterday I was reflecting on the possibilities to make a self hostable animelist website (federated?).

from what I can tell it's possible to get series name from anidb once a day it could be used to add basic information at first (https://wiki.anidb.net/API) .

#mal #anilist #kitsu

A tous ces gens qui, par ce beau temps actuel, ont décidé d'en profiter dehors dans l'espace public : allez vous faire enculer par un ours des montagnes.

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@Yumizu@nitter.42l.fr 🔗 nitter.42l.fr/Yumizu/status/12
Commission (in Animal Crossing style) for rodrigo.gti (Instagram)! 1. pic is Jill from the game VA-11 Hall-A and 2. pic is his persona :) This style was so much fun (you can hit me up, too, if you want an avatar 🥺👉🏻👈🏻), hopefully I can find me an equally enjoyable style~

But the translation is somewhat messed up they did westernize console name.
PC-engine -> Turbographix 16
Famicom -> Super Nintendo (WTF?)

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